Fire and Rose Petals

the fire within us burns brighter than the fire around us

In-Depth Post #3

The past two weeks have been full of learning for me. I have two new major things to report about my progress. The first one is an old age makeup that I helped with. My mentor Cory invited me to tag along with her while she aged her 30 year old friends to look like they were 60! I was super excited to see how it was done, so my.. Read More

Morals – Different for Everybody

One of the main things that I’ve been thinking about during our class discussions of Columbus is about each person’s morals in life. Columbus is sometimes thought of as a great explorer and sometimes he is thought of as a cruel person who was driven by greed. I think that there is no black and white answer to what is good and bad, rather everything depends on situations, who is.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2

This post is going to talk about two different things: my mentor and my first attempt at special effects makeup. I met with my mentor for the first time today, and she was amazingly nice and helpful. Her name is Cory Roberts and she is a makeup instructor at Blanche MacDonald. We met at Chapters to look at all the reference books and to talk about the project. She told.. Read More