The past two weeks have been full of learning for me. I have two new major things to report about my progress.

The first one is an old age makeup that I helped with. My mentor Cory invited me to tag along with her while she aged her 30 year old friends to look like they were 60! I was super excited to see how it was done, so my dad drove me out to where they lived and spent four and a half hours assisting Cory with this task. There were two “models”, so for the first one I mainly just watched Cory work and held a blow dryer to dry the liquid latex. For the second person, I dried the latex and aged the hands (latex, powder and colouring). Because I do not personally know the people we were working with, I will have to ask their permission to post before and after photos of them. Stay tuned for possible pictures of that.

The other mini project I did was a bruise makeup. I used my Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel to create the following effects. I apologize for the not-so-great camera quality. They looked better in person.

Attempting to find good lighting.

I also did one on my knee, but none of the pictures were worthy enough to show.

Now it’s time to discuss some questions that I am supposed to address.

What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

I feel that the sessions I have had with my mentor have all gone really well. A specific reason would be because all of the times we have met there was a lot of hands on learning for me to do. First hand experience was extremely helpful with a project like this. Cory was great at explaining and showing me how  to do something, and letting me have the chance to try it out myself.

What learning challenges emerged?

The world of makeup can be intense and a bit chaotic, so keeping everything organized while doing a makeup can be difficult. When I was helping Cory with the old age makeup, there were times that I was slightly confused about what to do, but she was working on the other person so it wasn’t the best time to ask.

What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring  interactions?

  1. Researching/experimenting with makeup on my own so that I can have more to inquire about.
  2. Planning specific things I want to do at each session beforehand.
  3. Making a list of questions to ask at each mentoring session so that we have more to talk about.

What is the action plan for implementing each of the three strategies?

  1. Looking up tutorials to try out on my own and show her how it turned out. Writing down any questions that the project may have risen.
  2. Emailing her to find out any limitations about what we can or cannot do at upcoming sessions. Planning around those limitations.
  3. Each week writing a list of five or more questions that I have been wondering about.

That’s all for this week! Check back in a couple weeks to find out more about my progress!