The past two weeks have been my research weeks. I wanted to look into the technical side of makeup, so I checked out the book Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. This is a book that my mentor had recommended the first time I met with her.  Though this is a beauty makeup book, not a special effects one, it had valuable information in it, including the structure of faces and how to get certain effects out of them.

I also was finally able to pick up some new supplies that I will be using tomorrow for the first time. I now can add 3rd Degree and Spirit Gum to the list of supplies in my kit.

Tomorrow I’m getting my friend Katherine to be my model while I try out my new supplies on her. That should be fun!

Alright, now on to the questions that are specifically for this post.

1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

I would say that the most difficult part about this mentoring has been communication and meeting up. She’s a very busy person and I’m in school five days a week so there is not a lot of time where we are both free to meet.

2. What is working well? Why?

When we are able to meet, I learn a lot. She is very knowledgeable about SFX makeup (her job is teaching it after all), so I benefit a lot from talking to her and seeing what she does. I learn techniques and guidelines that I wouldn’t have been able to learn on my own.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

Something that could be working better would be staying in contact. I will make sure to talk to Cory more by emailing her when I feel it’s time to talk again and choosing when we will meet next ahead of time. That will make it easier to stay connected.

That is all for today! Next time I will upload photos of the looks I am creating tomorrow!