Hello everyone!

It looks like we only have (roughly) one more month until we present our learning at In-Depth Night! I don’t know about everyone else, but I am super excited.

This past weekend I had wanted to use someone as a model for one of my makeups, but unfortunately I got sick and could not do it at that time. So instead, today I attempted to make two looks on myself. One thing that I learned from that experience is that it is much more difficult to work on yourself than it is to work on another person, because when you work on yourself a lot of times you only can use one hand. Below are a couple pictures of what I created.

Cut open finger look.

Flesh eating bacteria look.

The first one (the cut open finger) was quite simple and straightforward to create. It looked the way I expected it to when I set out to create it.

The flesh eating bacteria look, however, presented many more challenges than I had anticipated. The first challenge was that this is only the second time I have used 3rd Degree, which is a bit of a tricky product, so I had to learn to control it so it looked the way I wanted it to. The next challenge was, as I mentioned earlier, working on myself. I could only use one hand the entire time of working on this look. Another challenge I faced was products not working the way I expected. To be more specific, the 3rd Degree and the fake blood did not want to mix. They seemed to repel each other, like the 3rd Degree was waterproof. After fiddling around with different strategies trying to get the blood to stay where I wanted it to, I had to substitute it with “Fresh Scab”.  I know it sounds a little gross, but it’s a good product for making fake wounds.

So those were my adventures this past week. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be meeting with my mentor and plan how I’m going to be set up for In-Depth Night.