October 1792

When people panic; chaos ensues.

As a lieutenant of artillary in the French military, I have to deal with many problems. The problem right now (well, I should say the FIRST problem right now) is the war with Prussia and Austria. We, the military, are doing all we can to put a stop to these wars and keep our country safe. However the battles have been getting closer and closer to the city of Paris, and the Parisians are not too happy about it.

Oh yes, those Parisians. They got very upset with how things were being run in France, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Last August I witnessed 30000 angry French people storm the Tuileries Palace in hopes of capturing Kind Louis XVI. The King was alerted of the angry mob and was lead to safety, while the Swiss army tried to keep everything in order. They did not succeed, to say the least. I, watching from the sidelines and seeing if there was something that I could do, watched the army surrender in the hope to save their lives. The mob had no mercy, and killed the majority of them. Once I saw that there was nothing I could do in that situation, I retreated to safety.

As I write this, the king is being held on trial. The people want him executed, but he has done quite a good job of avoiding that fate. There have been a few times where I have been called into the court to state what has happened in situations. I talked to the court about times when I had to fight to protect him, how he was spending time/money on the military, etc.

There has been no final decision on the fate of the king, but things are not looking too good for him. I personally do not wish to see him killed, but I do not have much say in the matter anymore. Whatever the outcome, hopefully France will have a better system or a better ruler than before all of this happened.

“Religion is what keeps the poor  from murdering the rich.” -Napoleon Bonaparte