November 10, 1799

This is the day that marks the end of the French Revolution for me. The Directory, which has been France’s form of government for this time, has now fallen. The current government which has been instilled is now called the Consulate. There are three pillars to this new system. The Council of State draft the bills wanting to be placed. The Tribunate discuss the bills that the council draft, but they do not vote on them. The Legislative Assembly vote on the bills but do not discuss them.

However, there are three consuls that hold authority over all of this. I was appointed one of them, along with Sieyes and Ducos. But today was a historic day. Today I claimed the title of First Consul. This is only another step of my influence and power with the French, and I know I am a fantastic leader who will lead this country to greatness.

The revolution really was what made me so popular and beloved. I was able to show my skills and knowledge to protect my people, and by doing so they acknowledged my abilities. Without the revolution, I may not be where I am today. Sure, I would still be a great leader, a great soldier and a great man… but no one would know it.

I want to be remembered for my strength and my dedication. Throughout the revolution, I had to protect France from exterior threats of war, and I should be appreciated for that. Without me, France could have very well been captured by Prussia or Austria. Or the protesters against the revolution could have gotten out of hand and  destroyed the revolutionaries. Without me this whole thing could have fallen apart, and I want to, no, I WILL be remembered for it.

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” -Napoleon Bonaparte