In-Depth Night is on it’s way!! Are you as excited as I am?

Since I am not going to be presenting on the stage the night of, I will be having a learning center to represent my project.

Here’s the plan for what it will look like:

I would like to have a table to have all my makeup/fx layed out on. I don’t need a large table, just about a desk and a half to two desks size. I will also be putting pictures of my work that I have done on the table. Due to some of my work being a bit… graphic (bloody), if I have pictures of them I will be creating a flip cover so that any younger siblings or people who do not wish to see it can choose not to look.

One thing that I would really love to have is room for another person to be my model. All they would need is a chair to sit on so I don’t think there will be a problem space wise. I have yet to decide who will be my model, so it is a bit uncertain if this particular aspect of the learning center will occur, but I would really like it to and I will find out soon. When I find out I will confirm with the layout committee that it’ll be happening.

I will not be needing any electronics as far as I know of. As well there is no place that I NEED to be located, but the MPR would be nice because lots of people walk through there and I won’t be taking up a lot of room.

So that’s my learning center!