Another day, another blog post.

We went on a field trip to SFU recently, and it was a lot of fun. Personally, my goal wasn’t actually to get books for my eminent person study, because she is so unknown to the general public that I assumed there wasn’t going to be any books about her. And I was right. So instead of focusing on the library aspect of it, I readied myself for being on a university campus and bonding with my classmates.

I would say the theme of this trip was knowledge, because we spent our time visiting the museum at SFU, searching their library and learning about the school. I learned how to use the book locating devices and that will help me when I need to check out books from my local library.

Enjoy some pictures from the trip!


From the museum
Haida stone carvings. Thought this was particularly interesting after having visited Haida Gwaii
Me and Emma being cool kids




Some food from our delicious Indian restaurant



Emma finds lots of books about her eminent person, Frida Kahlo