Fire and Rose Petals

the fire within us burns brighter than the fire around us

BiBLOGraphy (Nice Pun)

After reading these posts of mine about my eminent person project, I know what you’re thinking.¬†Wow this Nancy Wake lady is really cool. Where can I find more info on her? WELL. Lucky for you, this post is all about the sources I used throughout this project. Take a look. Ever wanted a full retelling of Nancy’s life, from childhood to after the war? Well this book is perfect for.. Read More

The After Effect – Night of the Notables Assessment

You know that feeling where a big exciting event happens, but when it’s over you’re just left feeling… odd? That’s what it’s like now. Night of the Notables was two days ago, and it’s strange to have all the work off my shoulders. No more practicing my speech, or brainstorming for learning centers, or getting a costume put together. It’s all just done. Over. Finished. Before the night there was.. Read More

Interview Search – *A* For Effort

Through this project, I contacted multiple people and organizations trying to find an interview. Did I get one? No. But even though I did not get an interview, I learned a lot about the efforts that go into finding an interview, and how to contact people who may be able to assist in my research. My first attempt in finding an interview was to contact the person who wrote the.. Read More