You know that feeling where a big exciting event happens, but when it’s over you’re just left feeling… odd? That’s what it’s like now. Night of the Notables was two days ago, and it’s strange to have all the work off my shoulders. No more practicing my speech, or brainstorming for learning centers, or getting a costume put together. It’s all just done. Over. Finished.

Nice hair Vanessa

Before the night there was a lot of excitement. And a lot of crazy hair/wigs. Here’s a couple photos.

Get ready to meet Frida and Nancy


Group selfie!


But I suppose you’d like to hear about how the night went, so here you go.

Let’s start with the speeches. This was the moment that truly defined the night. It was what all the grade tens had been preparing for, and what all the grade nines were curious to see. The afternoon group (my group) started the speeches. And I just want to say how well everyone, morning and afternoon, did with the speeches. There was a beautiful sense of community as we all sat behind stage, silently practicing to ourselves but still making the effort to reassure and comfort our classmates. When it was time for my speech I was surprised to find how calm I was. I had practiced this for ages. I was confident. I was ready.

The applause signaling the end of Katherine’s speech started,¬†and I knew it was my time. I stepped through the curtain and became Nancy Wake. To be completely honest I don’t remember much of the performance. The speeches are much shorter than you realize when it feels like you just stepped on stage, and all of a sudden you’re on your concluding line. These images are all I really have to remember those precious 90 seconds.




What has to be the best photo of me from the night.










And take a bow!









But once the speeches were all done, it was time to sprint upstairs (literally) to the learning centers.

Let me walk you through my learning center. Here we have photos from all throughout Nancy’s life.

And here we have wanted posters, since she was one of the Gestapos most wanted people.

And then there’s the most popular part. The interactive part. I had tiny little parachute men, and a cut out of France. France was coloured with green and yellow (symbolizing French territory and German territory). The goal was for people to land in the green/French area with their little parachute men.









I also had a few items that represented moments in her life, to act as a conversation starter.






















I would say the night was a success. I met my main goal of having a much better learning center than last year. I’m thankful I was given such a cool opportunity, and can’t wait to receive the phone call inviting me back to see my nines give their speeches next year!