It’s time for my favourite project! That’s right, In-Depth. You may be wondering why the title of this post is “The Journey Continues“. Well, that’s tied into both of my In-Depth projects from this year and last year. Last year, I learned the basics of SPFX makeup (if you’re interested in seeing that, scroll through my blog to find posts), and this year I am planning to learn beauty makeup. Thus, continuing on my path of the makeup arts.

So why did I choose this? Well, during last year’s project, I discovered I have a passion for makeup artistry. This project is such a great opportunity to learn from the pros and go deeper into each subject. I wouldn’t choose something that I didn’t love, since it’s a five month long project, so how could I choose anything but this? It’s different, but still within the realm of what I like to do.

I had already decided on my topic before the winter break, so that gave me an opportunity to start planning. For Christmas, I asked for the supplies that I would need. Now, I’m not entirely sure if the supplies I have will be 100% correct for this job, but I feel more confident going into this having something to work with.

Another thing I was able to plan was what I was going to do about getting a mentor. Before the break, I was talking to my friend Paige about this project, and mentioned that I needed a mentor. She told me that her sister Brittaney had gone to the John Casablanca Institute for makeup, and might be willing to mentor me. Paige gave me her number, I contacted her, and now we have our first meeting later this week!

So, are you ready to follow me on this journey? Let’s begin…