It is now February, meaning that our in-depth project is well underway.

The title of this post reflects on what I’ve been learning these past couple weeks with my mentor. We focused on applying false lashes, winged eyeliner, and a bold red lip. She said it was to get the hard stuff out of the way. At first I didn’t believe her when she said that these were the harder basics to master, but she was right. It’s more difficult than you would think.

My mentor with makeup that I applied.
My mentor with makeup that I applied.

Winged eyeliner: One thing to note is that it is much easier doing winged liner on someone else than it is to do on yourself. Having your model close their eyes makes the line much more accurate and smooth. She taught me that there is more of a process to precise liner, as you have to use about three different types of makeups and layer them onto one another in order to avoid chipping and have the shape you want.

False eyelashes: I had some difficulty with this portion. There are two types of false lashes, individual ones and ones that come in a strip. I did not complete the individual ones that day because I was having a little bit too much trouble with them. You have to place them so close to the lash line that you can’t tell they’re fake. After I dropped and almost lost them a few times, I figured it was best to try out the other lashes. The ones in the strip I found were much easier to use and they are what you see in the picture above.

Red Lip: The hard part about this isn’t the colour itself, but lining the lips. Any mistake you make with bold colours will show, so you have to take extra precautions so that your hand doesn’t slip. I overlined the bottom lip on this attempt so it’s a little misshapen, but practice makes perfect!

In other news, I checked out a book from the library to help me with the project! It’s called Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin (also author of Making Faces which I used last year as a reference). I plan on trying out a few of the techniques that it mentions in the next few weeks.

My mentor and I had a lot of great conversations this week, though it can be difficult to speak while someone is putting lipstick on you. I made an effort to pull in some of the points from How To Have A Beautiful Mind, especially the how to be interesting portion. A lot of makeup is subjective to whom you’re putting it on, so I asked a lot of questions like, “What if someone has a rounder face?” “What if someone is allergic to the glue?” “What if someone has a different skin tone?” These questions opened up discussions about individualized techniques that she uses and that other people use. For example, the way you contour changes depending on their face shape.

The way most of our sessions run is that she tells me what skill we’re going to be working on, she directs me on how to do it but let’s me try it all myself, and then I ask any questions on the matter. This week, I had to get quite a bit of clarification on the techniques that we were using. One of them was called tightlining, which is where you move the eyelashes to apply liner nearer to the eye. I was confused at first on how to do it, so I asked her specifically where it was I was supposed to apply it and then she explained it more clearly. This also happens in the cases where she tells me something along the lines of, “Have your model close their eyes for this part,” and I get clarification on why I should do that.

I hope you’re enjoying hearing about my project, and I’ll be back in two weeks to give another update!