Even though this is post number 7, I will be basing the criteria off of Ms. Mulder’s post 8 blog.

So remember how last post I said I was doing a collaboration with Joanna and her cosplay? WELL I DID IT. Joanna cosplayed Loki at FanExpo, and while I’m sure she has posted many photos, let me just add one here.

Joanna Loki

I had come over a few days before to try out the makeup on her, so here’s what that looked like (aka attempt one).


She had requested afterwards for the real thing to tone down the cheekbones a bit. Loki has amazing cheekbones, but it is important to listen to your client so I did as she requested.

Also, here is a picture of the makeup I did on my mentor during this time.


The reason I like this makeup is because I was learning how to look at a picture and duplicate it. I don’t have original picture available at the moment, but my attempt was pretty close to the real thing. As you may be able to see in the picture though, I was slightly impatient and took the picture before the eyelash glue was fully dry.

Maybe you’re wondering, did she only do one makeup with her mentor these past 3-4 weeks?!?! The answer is no, I have done much more. The reason I do not have pictures of more is because I started learning a new makeup technique, which is called airbrushing. If you don’t know what airbrush makeup is, think of it as mini spray paint that you put on someone’s face. Out of my two attempts with airbrush makeup, none of these have been worthy of pictures. This is by far the most challenging part of this project that I have experienced. It takes so much care and practice to get the airbrush under control. Beauty makeup seems even harder to do with an airbrush than creative makeup, because you have to make sure everything looks seamless and feathery. Next week I plan on trying it again with a very elaborate makeup, so hopefully I can post some pictures of that later.

De Bono talks about interrupting, and when it’s acceptable. For me, I find that sometime it is helpful to follow the “interrupt at the right point and state you will elaborate later” method, because I easily forget things that I wanted to say. You don’t want to cut them off mid sentence, but if you can find a good moment you can find an appropriate time to say something. I have done this a couple times with my mentor just to connect what she was saying to a story.

De Bono also talks about attitude. One attitude that had been present with my mentor and I is an excited attitude. For example, when she found her old airbrush paints which she thought she had given away, she came in the room smiling and exclaiming how happy she was that she found them. Of course, I was super excited about this as well because it made the airbrush process much easier. Another attitude that has been present is an unsure attitude. By that I mean that it’s kind of awkward and cautious. This was mainly by me during the first few sessions because I did not know much and just wanted to do well. It involved me saying the phrase “is this alright?” quite a lot.

This is probably my last post for in-depth (maybe not if I have a super cool update to share), so thanks for reading!