Before you start reading this post, I encourage to watch this poem that I am very fond of.


“Evaluate the impact of interactions between aboriginal peoples and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815 – 1914.” – PLO B2

Before this unit of socials began, I really didn’t have much interest in Canadian history or politics (sorry Canada). However, we have recently been focusing on the aboriginal history of Canada, and it has sparked my interest more than anything we’ve done in socials before.

As this is a topic that I haven’t looked into until recently, I have much to learn about it. My previous knowledge of aboriginal culture consisted of memories from my field trip to visit a longhouse in grade one. Throughout elementary school, they showed us artwork and architecture that belonged to the First Nations. In middle school I believe we read a couple books that had aboriginal main characters, thus we learned a bit about culture through that. So really, I only knew about the pretty side of things. They wouldn’t tell us about the murders and torture that made our country, since we were just little kids. Now that I am older I can educate myself.

In class the other day we read an excerpt from a book that talked about residential schools. I am appalled by everything I read, and have taken a step back to seriously analyze my actions and thoughts about the topic. All the cultures that were lost through these schools, all the people they dehumanized – it sickens me. Now, I still do not know too much about the topic of residential schools, so that is something that I plan on looking into.

I am very interested in learning about how our society and country treats aboriginal peoples in the modern day. Yes it is extremely important to learn about the past so that we can understand its impacts, but I want to know about right now. I’m so used to the Canada that allows me to have clean drinking water whenever I want, the Canada that keeps me safe and healthy, the Canada that caters to me. But I know that there are people living on reserves who don’t have that. I want to know why. I want to know what’s being done about it, if anything.

Through my studies of these topics I’m sure I will learn about many things: politics, finance, geography, etc. For once, this is a topic that I’m eager to dive into and uncover the (probably ugly) truths.