So it’s taken me a while to be able to upload my political cartoon, but here it is!


First, let me explain the plot of my cartoon. Sitting on the couch watching TV is an average, middle class couple. A commercial comes on trying to get people to donate to help others in third world countries get clean water. They both agree that everyone should have access to clean water. Outside the window, we see a couple aboriginal people protesting for more funding from the government so that they can have clean water. The couple sees them and yells at them as opposed to feeling sympathy.


Yes, donating to other countries is a good cause. That’s not what this cartoon is trying to dispute. The point of this cartoon is to show how insensitive and uneducated people can be when it comes to aboriginal issues in Canada. Problems occurring far away receive lots of attention and sympathy, while the same problems affecting Canadians go unnoticed or ignored. As well, it brings attention to the issue of lack of clean water on Canadian reserves.


Read this article to learn more about clean water issues on reserves:


I don’t want to be like the couple on the couch. I want to be continually educated about these issues, and I want the government to start paying attention and helping fix these problems.