Fire and Rose Petals

the fire within us burns brighter than the fire around us

Political Cartoon (OpEd)

  So it’s taken me a while to be able to upload my political cartoon, but here it is!   First, let me explain the plot of my cartoon. Sitting on the couch watching TV is an average, middle class couple. A commercial comes on trying to get people to donate to help others in third world countries get clean water. They both agree that everyone should have access to.. Read More

Let’s Have A (Political) Party!

Over the past week or so in socials, we have been looking into different political parties and what their main narratives are. We categorized parties main interests into four sections: geography, identity, government, and economy. I personally studied the Green party for our projects. The narrative that I find most compelling is government. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to look too far into the different parties perspectives on this.. Read More

Treated Unfairly Then. Treated Unfairly Now.

Before you start reading this post, I encourage to watch this poem that I am very fond of.   “Evaluate the impact of interactions between aboriginal peoples and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815 – 1914.” – PLO B2 Before this unit of socials began, I really didn’t have much interest in Canadian history or politics (sorry Canada). However, we have recently been focusing on the aboriginal history.. Read More

Almost Over (In-Depth Post #7)

Even though this is post number 7, I will be basing the criteria off of Ms. Mulder’s post 8 blog. So remember how last post I said I was doing a collaboration with Joanna and her cosplay? WELL I DID IT. Joanna cosplayed Loki at FanExpo, and while I’m sure she has posted many photos, let me just add one here. I had come over a few days before to.. Read More

Socials Midterm

I had asked for an extension on this, but it looks like I was able to finish it on time anyways! (Mr. J, if you see this, let me know in the comments or else I will email to let you know I finished). Here’s the link to the Prezi I made : Thanks!

Final Address and Such

Below is my final address. (Yes, this was meant to be performed in a very nonchalant, old fur trader style) Ahhh, yes. I had a feeling this is how it would play out. There’s been a lot of big decision making out east, but I haven’t been too active in it since I am here – on the west coast. You see I, James Douglas, have lived in many countries… Read More

A Journey To Freedom

This post is based off of this article. I chose this article because I’ve heard of the Underground Railroad many times, but did not really understand what it was. This article was short enough for me to understand the basics of what happened, but I plan on digging deeper into these situations during this time. To sum it up, the Underground Railroad was a series of routes and safe houses.. Read More

Katherine Named This Post Because She’s In It (In-Depth Post 4)

This is a very busy time with In-Depth, adventure trip planning, and all my other school work but somehow I’ve found time to keep doing makeup on a weekly basis. I also received some lovely new makeup supplies for my birthday, so that should be fun to use in the upcoming weeks. In these past couple weeks there are three looks that I’ve worked on. You can view them below… Read More

Lashes, Liner, and Lips! (In-Depth Post 3)

It is now February, meaning that our in-depth project is well underway. The title of this post reflects on what I’ve been learning these past couple weeks with my mentor. We focused on applying false lashes, winged eyeliner, and a bold red lip. She said it was to get the hard stuff out of the way. At first I didn’t believe her when she said that these were the harder.. Read More

This Is The Start Of Something New (In-Depth Post 2)

In-Depth is really starting to pick up. I have now met with my mentor Brittaney once in the past two weeks, and I have learned so much in so little time! Here’s a little update on my progress, and then I will talk a bit about how my relationship with my mentor relates to the book How To Have A Beautiful Mind. The first time I went to meet Brittaney.. Read More